Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

If you have been injured in an accident in your workplace, you are entitled to make a compensation claim. The accident could have been caused by the actions or negligence of your employer or a colleague, by faulty or broken workplace equipment, or because of failed workplace procedures, but whatever the circumstances, WorkCover insurance is there to help you recover from your injuries and, wherever possible, return to work.

Milicevic Solicitors are dedicated compensation lawyers with one of the legal profession’s most respected track records of successful Workers Compensation claims. No case is too small to consider or investigate. The Milicevic legal team has wide experience in Workers Compensation claims of all kinds. For advice on claiming the compensation you need after a workplace accident, contact Milicevic Solicitors today.


Types of Workers Compensation

Every employer should carry workplace insurance, usually through the WorkCover Authority. This insurance exists to cover accidents in the workplace, so that neither employers nor employees need to worry about creating major financial burdens for each other, especially if no-one is specifically to blame for an accident. A WorkCover compensation payout can help an employee recover from their injuries after an accident, recoup lost wages and, hopefully, return to work.

It is essential to remember that you can make a workplace compensation no matter what kind of work you do, or what kind of employment you have: casual, part-time and full-time staff are all covered.

If an accident is due to an employer’s negligence, then a WorkCover insurance claim is still an important option, but it may not be enough to alleviate your suffering (especially if you have been disabled), or achieve justice between you and your employer. In certain cases, it may be necessary to make a specific legal claim against your employer, known as Work Injury Damages. The Milicevic legal team will be able to advise you if this is necessary, or possible, in your case.

Workers compensation for serious accidents and disability

Incidents that cause severe pain or disability could mean you are eligible for a large compensation payout, to cover medical care and rehabilitation, as well as lost wages (including potential future wages). Cases like these may sometimes be difficult, not necessarily because of your employer, but because workplace insurers may dispute your claim. The success of every case depends on your unique circumstances, but often it is essential to stay the course and fight for the compensation you deserve. Large payouts for serious cases will make a major difference to your life and potential recovery. Certainly they will help ease the pain of being disabled, by covering long-term care. Milicevic Solicitors have a respected record of tenacity and success in cases like these.

WorkCover compensation claims

Many workplace accidents need never be tested in court but can be resolved through direct negotiation with WorkCover. Your employer might well support your case too. WorkCover is meant to ensure that conflict is minimised and that, where possible, you can recover from your injuries, return to work and maintain good working relationships with your employer and colleagues.


The legal team at Milicevic Solicitors understands how important a compensation payout could be for you after a workplace accident and how important it is to get back to work as soon as possible. As dedicated compensation lawyers, Milicevic Solicitors stand ready to advise and assist you. Find out how Milicevic can help you by calling (02) 9264 6499 today.