Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

In today’s business world, a huge amount can depend on expert advice. Financial decisions, business transactions, corporate governance, specialist equipment, asset valuations – if you seek expert advice and help in any of these key areas and your adviser’s negligence harms your finances, placing your future business and quality of life in jeopardy, then you have the right to claim compensation.

Milicevic Solicitors have one of the legal profession’s most respected track records of success in negligence compensation cases. The legal team has won compensation for clients of all kinds, securing life-changing payouts and breaking new ground in legal precedents. If you have suffered as a result of professional negligence in any field of work, Milicevic Solicitors are the lawyers to turn to.

What is covered by compensation for professional negligence?

Professional negligence may occur wherever you trust an expert to supply a product or advice in their field of specialist knowledge, and they fail in their duty to provide full, frank, considered and specific service.

Financial advice may be geared towards someone else’s benefit, rather than yours. Inferior valuation may cause you to sell or buy assets at disadvantageous rates, with major consequences for your cash-flow and bottom line. Accounting mistakes can cause mislead you into disastrous judgements about your own business, through no fault of your own. Sometimes a course of action that an expert recommends may be unsuccessful – but if this is a result of the advice itself, and not mishandling on your part, chance, or the actions of a third party, then you are still eligible to claim compensation.

Compensation payouts for professional negligence may cover past and future lost revenue. Any financial loss caused by mismanagement or poor advice, on the part of someone whom you trusted, may be covered by compensation.

How do I claim compensation for professional negligence?

Milicevic Solicitors have enjoyed many years of success in pursuing negligent professionals and securing compensation and justice for those who have suffered as a result. No case is too small to consider or investigate. When you first consult Milicevic Solicitors, our assessment and understanding of your case will be greatly aided if you can supply as much evidence of your financial losses and professional advisory connections as possible, from financial statements to professional correspondence. The legal team will then be able to advise you clearly and pragmatically on all your legal options and recommend the best way forward, based on what they believe is the best possible result.

At Milicevic Solicitors, we know how important a compensation payout could be for you, if you and your business have suffered because of professional negligence. As dedicated compensation lawyers, Milicevic Solicitors stand ready to hear your story and to advise and assist you. Find out what Milicevic Solicitors can do for you by calling (02) 9264 6499 today.