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Milicevic Solicitors

Dedicated Compensation Solicitors
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Milicevic Solicitors are one of Australia’s most respected firms in the field of Compensation Law.

For many years, our legal team has represented both individuals and businesses who are seeking compensation for injustices and harm, recouping hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost earnings and easing a great deal of suffering.

Milicevic Solicitors are among Australia’s most respected compensation lawyers, with a record of successful claims and legal achievements esteemed across the legal profession, bridging personal and professional compensation cases.

Dedication, Passion & Results

The head of our legal team, Miki Milicevic, is a leader in the field of negligence compensation, having won one of the major passive smoking compensation cases in Australian history. That dedication to service and to achieving life-changing results for clients applies to every case Milicevic Solicitors take on.

This is a strong and hard-working firm, engaging talented and passionate people at every level. Our advice will always be honest and clear and our work on your behalf tenacious and thorough. We will understand the best possible outcome in your compensation case and will strive consistently to achieve it. With Milicevic Solicitors on your side, you are in safe company, contact us today, 02 9264 6499