Victims of Sexual Abuse

Institutional sexual abuse


It is one of the darkest areas of Australian life, although in recent times new light has been shed on it and society understands the truth and the pain that its victims have experienced in private. Institutional sexual abuse has harmed more people and ruined more lives than almost any other criminal problem. We trust schools, hospitals, churches, religious organisations, scouting organisations, care homes, government agencies and youth groups to take care of children. Sexual abuse committed by staff of any of these places is a cruel betrayal and can have lifelong consequences.

Huge efforts over many years have brought perpetrators of sexual abuse to justice. Victims can now have their stories heard in fair and empathetic ways. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is the latest and largest project to help victims come forward. However, while it is vindicating and liberating for victims and their families for these stories to be told, attaining justice and compensation for the devastating harm and suffering caused by institutional sexual abuse can seem daunting and difficult.

Take courage. Claiming compensation from the institution responsible for the sexual abuse that happened to you, or to someone in your family, can secure the payout you need to improve and stabilise your life, to live in dignity. Compensation might not erase the memories of institutional abuse or heal the damage and hurt it has caused you and your family, but it can go a long way towards easing your pain, reducing your suffering and showing those responsible that they are not above justice.

Milicevic Solicitors are dedicated compensation lawyers with one of Australia’s most respected records of achievement. No case is too small to consider or investigate. No matter what your story is, no matter when or where the sexual abuse took place, you have a right to come forward, tell your story and claim compensation. Contact Milicevic Solicitors today to find out how.


There are hundreds of caring people and organisations ready to help sexual abuse victims at all stages in life. Milicevic Solicitors are, too. The legal team understands how important a compensation payout could be for you and how important it is to seek justice from the people responsible. As dedicated compensation lawyers, Milicevic Solicitors stand ready to hear your story and to advise and assist you. Find out what Milicevic Solicitors can do for you by calling (02) 9264 6499 today.