Public Liability

Public Liability Claims

All owners, renters and managers of private and public property, and all manufacturers of goods, have a duty to ensure that people who use their facilities or products are safe from injury. If they are negligent and you are injured as a result, you are eligible to claim compensation.

Protection from injury in public and private places involves more than just ensuring that all walkways and stairways are clear, so that people won’t trip, slip or fall, that proper safety procedures exist, and that all equipment is safe to use – although all of these things are essential. Owners, renters and managers also have to ensure that the people who trust them every day to keep their spaces safe are also free from public health risks. Miki Milicevic, head of the Milicevic Solicitors legal team, is the first compensation lawyer in Australian history to win a compensation case for passive smoking.

No Public Liability case is too small for Milicevic Solicitors to consider or investigate. If you need advice on claiming the compensation you need due to a case of public or private negligence, contact the Milicevic legal team today.


Making a public liability compensation claim

Public liability compensation claims can often be complicated, because they demand a high level of proof. It is up to the claimant to demonstrate that their injury was specifically caused by the negligence of a responsible person, rather than by pure chance or by someone else’s actions. The owner, renter, government authority or manufacturer in question only needs to respond to your claim, as far as it goes.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your public liability comepnsation claim’s chances of success:

  • Find out precisely who is responsible for the upkeep of the place where your accident happened or for the manufacture and safe operation of the product that hurt you
  • Obtain medical care as soon as possible and keep copies of all medical records
  • Make records (photos, videos) of your injuries and of the place where they happened
  • Seek witnesses and keep in contact with them
  • Maintain evidence of any financial impacts of your injury, such as medical costs or lost wages

Your public liability compensation claim will be taken very seriously if you can build a case from hard evidence. The Milicevic legal team can help you identify other ways of doing this, but obviously the more you can tell us from the beginning, the more assistance and advice we can provide.

The legal team at Milicevic Solicitors understands how important a compensation payout could be for you after an accident and an injury and how important it is to seek justice from the people responsible. As dedicated compensation lawyers, Milicevic Solicitors stand ready to advise and assist you. Find out what Milicevic Solicitors can do for you by calling (02) 9264 6499 today.