Compensation Law

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Compensation Law

Milicevic Solicitors are the Compensation Law experts, dedicated to achieving the fair and beneficial outcomes that clients deserve. The Milicevic legal team has one of the most respected track records in compensation payouts across the legal profession.

Milicevic Solicitors provide comprehensive and resourceful service across every major area of Compensation Law. We are open to considering cases on any scale and will investigate every practical legal option. We have advised and assisted clients from all walks of life, facing all kinds of challenging situations, and we have succeeded in winning compensation where other law firms have failed. We have the capability to negotiate, mediate or litigate, to seek compensation from insurers, businesses, workplaces or government – whatever a given case demands.

We offer legal advice and assistance on compensation matters on every scale, from road incidents to negligence claims. Click on the links below to read more about our areas of practice.

Motor Accidents & CTP

Have you suffered harm because of an incident on our roads? Even if you might be partly responsible, you could still be entitled to a compensation claim. The Milicevic team of compensation lawyers can help.

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Workers Compensation

Have you suffered harm or disadvantage because of an incident in your workplace? Are you seeking compensation from your work insurer, or your employer? Read more to find out what the team of compensation lawyers at Milicevic can do for you.

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Public Liability

Have you been harmed because someone did not fulfil their professional responsibility, failed in their duty of care, or built or sold you a defective product? The compensation lawyers at Milicevic can build the compensation claim you need.

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Medical Negligence

Have you been through a medical procedure and suffered a negative outcome which could have been avoided? Have medical practitioners really done everything they can to help you? The compensation lawyers at Milicevic can help you make a compensation claim for what you have been through.

Milicevic Solicitors stand ready to assist and advise you on a huge variety of compensation claims. Call Milicevic today on (02) 9264 6499 to find out what the compensation legal team can do for you.

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