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Wills & Estates


Having a valid will – secure your family’s future

One of the most important things we can do in life is ensure that our families will be safe, comfortable and secure in their futures after we are gone. All kinds of financial plans and legal arrangements can contribute to this, from family trusts to guardianship agreements, and at Milicevic Solicitors we have the expertise to advise and assist across a wide range of these options.

Wills are among the most powerful and influential documents in law. They are so significant that each and every one is scrutinised and upheld by the state Supreme Court. Every will should appoint an Executor, who might or might not be a lawyer, but who should be someone you trust, to carry out the will’s instructions and ensure that everyone named in it receives their specific share. For a will to reflect your wishes truthfully and comprehensively, expert advice on wording, structure, legal reasoning and interpreting methods will be of great help.


Challenging a will – fight for your family to receive their due

Sometimes, very sadly, a loved one may leave a will that does not reflect your role, or your family’s role, in their life, and that does not make a fair or just provision for your future, or your family’s. This may put your personal plans and financial security at risk and may change the whole course of your life.

If a will’s provisions are not what you deserve, it may be that the will-writer was influenced by another person to put you at a disadvantage, for someone else’s gain. If you suspect this to be the case, then you have the right to challenge that will and claim the provision you believe is rightfully yours.

Challenging a will is a complex and demanding legal procedure, which may be distressing to face – family disputes are never easy matters. The key to any will challenge is to prove that undue influence was in play when the will was written, which may be difficult, as it requires a large amount of evidence and testimony from many reliable witnesses, who know you and the departed will-writer well. Many arguments need to be made, examples given and personal stories told.

At Milicevic Solicitors we have years of experience in handling sensitive cases like these. The legal team has one of Australia’s most respected records of achievement in compensation law, a field that involves tenacity and dedication to securing strong results, and most importantly compassionate understanding of clients’ unique needs. Milicevic Solicitors have what it takes to fight for the family provisions that you need. The team is always guided by what they understand is the best outcome for you.


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The legal team at Milicevic Solicitors understands how important family provisions in a will could be for you, and how important it is to seek redress if you have been treated unfairly. Milicevic Solicitors stand ready to advise and assist you. Find out what the legal team can do for you by calling (02) 9264 6499 today.